[20040041] 100


theimaginarybody @ Scott Theatre

2:00pm, Sun 29 Feb 2004

Score: 7

Short Review: A perplexing question, but…

The premise is simple: if you had to choose just one single memory from your life to repeat over and over, for all eternity, what would it be? The investigation of this question asks – just what is truth? and what is achievement? Is it true that “all you have is what you did”?

A blinding blast of light (camera of the mind’s eye, perhaps?) introduces us to the cast – four recently deceased individuals currently in limbo. A guide appears, and issues the above question unto them; we then follow their initially feeble attempts to find that one perfect memory to define their lives.

The acting, aided only by five bamboo poles for props, is great – except for the unconvincing Nia (Claire Porter), which is odd, since she was the only one of the five actors who appeared in the original production of 100. The writing was fine – punctuated by the odd humorous moment (Sophie’s dream of London with amnesia reminded me of a normal office), but in the main this was a solemn affair.

I’ve talked to a bunch of people who loved this piece of theatre – but I’m not one of them. All I can say is “it was goooood, but not greaaaat.” Sure, it’s a compelling premise – one that I still consider now – but it didn’t make the play compelling.

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