ff2011, Day 18

Not really in the best headspace right now. I feel prone; decision-making is not real flash at the moment. Should make scheduling fun!

  1. Twine
  2. Where’s My Vagina!?
  3. Flhip Flhop
  4. The World Holds Everyone Apart, Apart From Us
  5. Harmon Leon in Ironic / Not Ironic

Just myself and another chap (whom I’d met at a show at Holden Street years ago) in to see Harmon Leon tonight. Educational gig…

Edit: I just remembered a great moment from this evening. Waiting in TuxCat and chatting with Jenny, I see Zack Adams for the first time this year. Zack spies me, waves hello, comes over and shakes my hand. “How are you?” he politely asks; “Not bad,” I reply, “I’m just getting over a bit of Fringe Flu, so no kissing”. Zack slinks away – “awww! Worst Fringe ever.”

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