ff2011, Day 19

There’s been a bit of a medical emergency in the family over the last couple of days – I should be getting some concrete information tomorrow after a visit to the RAH, but… there’s a fair chance I might be significantly less active for the rest of the Fringe. Family is, after all, more important.

But, while I’m hamstrung and unable to do anything, I seek distraction…

  1. Teahouse
  2. Bred to Perfection
  3. Jen Brister is British(ish)
  4. The Thursday Show
  5. The Tim McMillan Band: Tim McMillan vs Yogi Glare

The Tim McMillan Band are incredible. If you have any interest in music whatsoever, you should check them out. One acoustic guitar, one bass, and some stunning musicianship. Seriously… stunning. Go see them, I implore you.

5 thoughts on “ff2011, Day 19”

  1. Hope all goes well with your family worries- just wondering if you caught the Gravity Boots show at Gluttony on Saturdau and what you thought?



  2. Hi Leonie – thanks for the positive thoughts :}

    Unfortunately I missed the Gravity Boots show – the weekend was a bit of a blur with Fringe Flu and poor planning. But I certainly liked the surreality of the guys’ work in the Gluttony showcase, and can assure you that I’ll be seeing their shows in the future :)

  3. No worries- well if you are around this Saturday at 4.30 get along and see the show- or the next Saturday same time. In the Carry On at Gluttony.
    I really think you will love it- and would love to hear your thoughts- if all goes well family-wise of course.

    Hope your poor old Dad improves- I am about to leave tomorrow to fly to Scotland with my 83 year old mother in tow, so I have fingers and just about every other appendage crossed that she doesn’t get sick or worse cark it while we are away! She is a pretty tough old bird but at that age who knows! Cheers Leonie

  4. Thanks for the additional dates, Leonie – they’re in the spreadsheet now with a fancy colour by them :)

    Thanks again for your concern for my Dad – I mentioned to him that people unknown to him on the Internet were wishing him well, and his response was grumpy and indignant – but also humbling and thankful. And the very best of luck travelling with your Mum – christ knows what it’d be like travelling with Dad now, what with the artificial hip and intolerant demeanour :)

  5. Yes I have grave reservations about this trip with Mum- she has an entire bag dedicated to her assorted pills- you need a degree in pharmacology to work out which pill is for which particular ailment.
    Looking after Mum requires approximatey the same attention as a three year old, but she is not as cute!
    I will be checking your blog regularly to see how the Fringe is going. James said that Dead Cat Bounce are excellent- I tried to get in to see them last week but alas they were booked out.
    Enjoy the rest of the Fringe offerings



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