ff2011, Day 20

Really? Day 20?

  1. When Harry Met Harry
  2. Evelyn Evelyn
  3. Ross Daniels – The Transposed Man
  4. Amelia Jane Hunter in ‘Dear Endora’

Thanks to all those who expressed their best wishes for my familial grief; my father has been in hospital at home since Monday, and was shuttled down to the RAH last night. After twenty(!) hours in ED, we’ve had a partial diagnosis of pneumonia (and it has to be acknowledged that’s pretty awful for an 81-year-old), but there’s a few other symptoms that haven’t been explained yet. Thankfully, despite the disheveled appearance and thin, raspy voice, he was in reasonably good spirits the second time I saw him today. Which was nice and, despite the fact that the diagnosis is only partial, it’s comforting to have a name to associate with the affliction.

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