ff2011, Day 29

And that’s the final “hard” day of the year done. Currently sitting at 126 shows for the year – a new PB! It’s all downhill coasting from here…

  1. Also A Mirror
  2. Of The Causes Of Wonderful Things
  3. Sexytime!
  4. Lou Sanz is Not Suitable For Children
  5. The Problem With Evil
  6. The Freak and The Showgirl

Visual Arts:

  1. Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition 2011
  2. 100Bucks&Runnin’4

I was the only person in The Problem With Evil this evening – and it was a blast. Evil and I chatted, I manned the video cameras, and lots of fun was had. And this evening also marked the discovery of the awesome cocktails available in the Fringe Club – it’s almost too late to take advantage of them, though.


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