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Unhinged Incorporated @ The Pillar Room (Freemasons)

6:00pm, Tue 14 Mar 2006

I had great reservations heading into this; for starters, I couldn’t remember quite why I’d booked tickets to the show. All fears were dispelled, however, with the first of the six short plays (played by members of Wollongong’s Unhinged Incorporated collective) on offer.

  • A Hole sees a seedy politician after a bit of action in his discrete hotel room. Samuel Booth is the ultimate sleaze, but Katrina Rautenberg is superb as his date for the evening… with a twist.
  • Freedom Pigeon is a twisted vision of the future, and wryly funny too.
  • I…(Door) is a thought-provoking, overtly existential piece.
  • Fruit Tingles was, for me, the flat spot in the performance; though others loved this fruity tale.
  • Tramp introduces the awesome character of Scott Godot (IIRC) who we’re sure to see more of… an incredible street beat poet, swearing like a trooper. Fan-fucking-tastic.
  • Last Resort rounds out the collection with the invention of The Last Resort… your own little suicide machine. Fast, fun, furious, fabulous – with a brilliant ending.

Throughout all six pieces, there seems to be a political bent; subtle in some (2), more overt in others (the seedy politicians in the first, the Liberal Party jingle being responsible for suicides in the last). But pigeons come in for a lot of abuse too, so there’s no need to read too much into it. And nothing can deny the quality and sheer enjoyability of the hour of theatre on offer.

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