Erm… yes. Well, then.

The Festivals ended nearly five weeks ago. “No problems,” I thought, “only twenty shows left to write up. Piece of piss, that. A couple-a-night after work, easy. Should wrap this up quick.”

But on the first night, the desire to sleep was too strong. The following night saw us toddling off to the Lord Mayor’s Reception to celebrate the success of the Festival. The following night we started catching up on all the TV that we’d missed over the Festival. The next day… ooh shit, the next day was the release of the Xbox 360.

As I often said to various peeps, I only really get out and get theatre-y for three weeks out of 104; the other 101 weeks, I’m a gamer. And I was looking forward to the release of the 360 greatly (if only for the appearance of Neon, the latest light-synthesizer from Llamasoft). So I picked up my 360 and a trio of games on release day, toddled home, hooked up my Xbox Live account, and…

…that pretty much brings us up to date.

And I’ve still got twenty shows left to write up.

Luckily, my memory still holds a lot of snippets, I’ve got a stack of scribbled notes, and some words have been stewing over those five weeks. Some write-ups may even benefit from the break.

But I’ve still got to write the buggers, eh?

At least I’ll have a somewhat easier time of it, having come across (in the course of my usual diligent recycling duties) a plethora of other press coverage from events. Russell Starke, for example, enjoyed Here Lies Love about as much as I did; as usual, though, he got the point across much better: “Cut by half; eliminate Byrne as narrator; rewrite the script with greater guts; put some punch into the performances; liven up lighting and film imagery; and maybe there’d be the potential for a show.” (emphasis mine).

Several weeks later…

OK, so then there was another setback… the server that this blog was hosted on died. Backups were discovered to be less-than-robust, which meant I lost a few comments and the two reviews that I’d posted after I wrote the above. But we’re back on track now… though the Xbox Live Gamer Card looks more like this now:

So I guess you can see what I’ve been focussing on ;)

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