[20000024] North Darling in North Alone

North Darling in North Alone

Nova (Cinema 2)

7:10pm, Sun 5 Mar 2000

Score: 4

Short Review: PG

Whoa, this was not great at all. North Darling, the “good looking” one of the Three Canadians, brought forth a flimsy show which struggled to get any laughs at all.

The premise of the show was that North gets stranded on a desert island; this part of the story is told at the start of the show using some clever (and amusing) puppetry, but as soon as North appears on stage the play went downhill fast.

The puppetry used throughout the show was clever enough, but got more-ish after a while, and the manner in which North (and his accomplice AJ) constantly derided their own crappy production values got more than a little irritating. On the plus side, however, the “Ode to a Dead Dolphin” was great, even if you had to sit through 2 minutes of “fighting” with an inflatable dolphin to get there.

In short, this would be a great show for kids (be warned, however, that there is a little profanity uttered during the show). This type of humour is a little beneath anyone over the age of 12.

BTW: is it me, or does anyone else think North looks like Ade Edmondson?