[20000025] Wil Anderson – Terra Wilius: A History of Australia

Wil Anderson – Terra Wilius: A History of Australia

Nova (Cinema 2)

8:20pm, Sun 5 Mar 2000

Score: 8

Short Review: Gut-laughs

Wil Anderson returns to Adelaide with a show that traces through the finer points of Australian history. Along the way, he has a dig at the government, the ocker Aussie male, and ponders a few more serious issues.

Wil has a great delivery style; he’s basically your classic Australian comedian. Not afraid of poking fun at himself, he also manages to surreptitiously introduce material into his act that allows the most subtle of segueways into his next bit. The manner in which he does this is, in itself, a great laugh.

He lets himself down a little, though, by introducing more serious topics into the proceedings; racism and homophobia aren’t great topics for laughs (where’s Chelsea Lewis when you need her?), and he doesn’t go chasing them either. However, you’ll find that you’ve been gut-laughing though the rest of the show, so the few flat spots are easy to look over.

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