[20000026] Rich Hall (aka Otis Lee Crenshaw)

Rich Hall (aka Otis Lee Crenshaw)

Nova (Cinema 1)

10:30pm, Sun 5 Mar 2000

Score: 9

Short Review: song-tastic

Rich Hall’s alter ego, the six-time married, incarcerated (for involuntary bigamy) Otis Lee Crenshaw, was joined onstage by two likeminded Texans for an hour of song and hilarity. And there were buckets of both.

Hall’s standard songs are hilarious – the opener “I Was Drunk” springs to mind – but it’s when he gets into ad-lib mode that the laughs run thickest. His “couple song” (this night’s victims were Bill and Jenny) was an absolute classic (“spreadsheets” – “bed sheets”… brilliant!), and the not-quite-ad-libbed-but-close-enough “Adelaide song” is a classic also.

Words alone cannot express how wonderfully funny this show is – I guess I’ll just give it a good score and let you find out for yourselves.

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