[2013018] Naked Unicorn Vomit

[2013018] Naked Unicorn Vomit

Nicole Henriksen @ Gluttony – The Runt

11:30pm, Sat 16 Feb 2013

A lot of things can attract me to a show. Sometimes it’s a known name, sometimes it’s a well-written (or just plain quirky) précis. And sometimes it’s a great show title.

I mean, Naked Unicorn Vomit. It’s perfect.

But I’ve no idea what to expect from the show itself – apart from “comedy”, that is. I’ve no idea who Nicole Henriksen is, I’ve no idea why she would plan such a short run of gigs. And I’ve got absolutely no idea why anyone would choose to use The Runt as a venue. It’s a horrid little space – a shipping container, 24 seats, a bench, and a sense of claustrophobia like no other venue.

And when Nicole Henriksen bursts into the venue, it’s pretty clear that she’s giving it everything she’s got – she’s bubbly and enthusiastic, with her high energy levels almost too much for the tiny venue. Her character sketch comedy is a little up-and-down, with an uncomfortable audience not really granting a lot of leeway to technical issues (as videos and songs occasionally go awry), but it’s the kind of stuff that leaves me smiling.

The opening character, Nicole Henriksensen, delivers some stand-up that falls a little flat, but the appearance of UK pop songstress Big Yellow Button (“Hit the button… the Big Yellow Button!”) really opened things up – her minimalist Why’d You Break Up With Me (or somesuch) was brilliant, with some really clever callback structures. Ex-talk-show host (and hopeless showbiz addict) NK was next, a gigglingly confused mess of a character, before things wrapped up with MC Misogynist and his eponymous songs like I Fucked Your Mum.

I quite enjoyed Naked Unicorn Vomit. Whilst the material overall was a bit patchy, the highs were most definitely quality material – and Henriksen is still young, with plenty of time to hone her craft. When I talked to her after the show (and many times in the days thereafter), she was adamant that this short run of shows was a great experience, and massively beneficial; I’ll certainly be keeping my eye out for her in the future.

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