ff2013, Day 28

Oh hello! A bit tipsy, me.

  1. Chipolatas present ‘Gentlemen of the Road’
  2. Squaring The Wheel
  3. Dorothy Parker’s Sweet Release of Death
  4. Ben Darsow in 30 Minutes
  5. Abandoman – The Life and Rhymes of Abandoman
  6. Darkness and Light

Speck rolls from Pigs On Fire: good, but not worth the cash. Sapporo beer will be the death of me. Hot.

2 thoughts on “ff2013, Day 28”

  1. Hi Emma, thanks for commenting!

    Since Darkness and Light is a line-up show with varying guests, it’s always going to be a different experience every night… but the core idea is really good: get comedians/performers to talk about the darker moments of their life, which is often material that they’re not likely to use in their “regular” shows.

    On this evening, we had Richard McKenzie as emcee (who really brought the darkness), Bart Freebairn, David Smiedt, and Nikki Britton (who really brought the light). It’s a great concept, and there’s apparently been some shows of cracking light/dark contrast so far… and it’s in a pretty friendly timeslot ;)

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