[20000034] Harmon Leon – Yank Me!

Harmon Leon – Yank Me!

Boltz Cafe

10:00pm, Wed 8 Mar 2000

Score: 5

Short Review: Momentary

This was quite promising – Lehmo came out to warm the crowd up, dealt with some heckling in a good-natured way, then introduced Harmon Leon – who promptly struggled for 5 minutes.

Leon re-used a fair bit of material from previous visits – although the return of Timmy was welcome (even if his life wasn’t threatened as liberally as last Fringe). However, his new material was patchy – about a 50/50 proposition.

His piece on the pros and cons of various religions was amusing; recounting how he tried valiantly to get sacked from a fast-food job inside three hours raised a few laughs; and his exploits trying to buy a gun whilst acting like a psychotic gun freak were downright hilarious. In between these highlights, however, the best he could manage out of this little camper was a smile.

On the whole – amusing enough, but why bother when there’s much better around at the moment?

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