[20000035] Harry the Dead Poet – Live

Harry the Dead Poet – Live

Swingcat Club

3:00pm, Thu 9 Mar 2000

Score: 7

Short Review: Cool

Harry the Dead Poet (aka Harry Cording) is one cool, cool guy. Presenting an hour of self-scribed poetry in front of a small (but generally appreciative) crowd, you got the feeling that he didn’t really care whether they liked his work or not.

From behind dark sunglasses and loud shirt, the Dead Poet recited works that covered themes as broad as politics, environmentalism, and midlife crises. His opening poem, “Poet of the Day”, was great, as was his ode to “The Poet’s Wife”.

Some of his work was a little mundane, with predictable rhythm and corny rhymes. But overall, this mild-voiced (and genuinely likeable) Kiwi provided an entertaining hour of verse.

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