[20000036] Lano and Woodley – Slick

Lano and Woodley – Slick


7:30pm, Thu 9 Mar 2000

Score: 4

Short Review: Infantile

Oh god, this was awful. I was so looking forward to this show – but all I got was wee/poo jokes and banal sight gags. Sure, Lano & Woodley are great performers – but why didn’t they bring some actual humorous content with them?

Maybe it’s just me, but Woodley pulling faces behind Lano’s back just doesn’t constitute humour. To be utterly truthful, I laughed at times during the show. Six times. I counted. Sure, the “audience participation” bit (a slow-motion tennis match) was funny, but not that funny.

Still, the rest of the audience loved it. They emitted some of the loudest laughter I’ve heard during the Fringe thus far. Maybe the status quo of comedy lies with such infantile antics. Oh, the horror.

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