ff2015, Day 6

Today started out hot. Real hot. The first two shows were almost stifling, and the third was only bearable due to the wonderful performance. But then, sometime during the fourth show, the weather broke; it was a completely different city after 5pm.

  1. Frank’s Survival Guide
  2. The Big Giggle
  3. Zephyr Quartet presents Cult Classics
  4. Golden Phung Go To Hell
  5. Chris Knight is The Difference Between Women And Airline Food
  6. The Show Must Goon
  7. Justin Stone in Who’s the Boss? The Tony Danza Experience
  8. Shotspeare presents Romeo & Juliet

A couple of firsts today: the new Royal Croquet Club seems to have a much friendlier layout than last year, and E For Ethel is a nice smaller venue (with lovely staff and crew).

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