ff2015, Day 7

Another day, another show involvement. Or two.

  1. Flying Dreams
  2. Discover Ben Target
  3. Stuart Bowden: Before Us
  4. The Sound of Nazis
  5. Come Heckle Joshua Ladgrove whilst he talks at you for 52 minutes in exchange for some of your money.

Ben Target was an interesting chap – at least I didn’t have to get onstage for that, but he flicked cards at my head in rapid order – but the Josh Ladgrove stage bit was a little weird. After I refused to moan as he stage-fucked me – “I’m not a moaner,” I maintained, “I can’t do it realistically” – some of the audience (a lot of performers in the crowd) turned – “that’s stage rape,” they said only half jokingly.

52 minutes? Try double that.

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