[2015167] Wizard Sandwiches – Lettuce Play

[2015167] Wizard Sandwiches – Lettuce Play

Wizard Sandwiches @ Tuxedo Cat – Cusack Theatre

7:15pm, Sun 15 Mar 2015

This was it: my last show of the year. Though I knew full well that I still had the Fringe Awards to attend, some post-Fringe drinks to imbibe, some people to thank and bid farewell, and a plane to catch the next morning for another (incredible) show in Melbourne, this was the last show that required my full attention so that I could recount it in this blog at a later date.

Errr… yeah.

Let’s face it: after 169 other shows, my memory was a little… well, shot. So I remember the ‘Sandwiches bringing more sketch comedy to the table. I remember laughing my arse off at the very premise of the “Drill A Hole In The Bottom Of The Ship” Pirate. I remember Wizard Stu laughing his arse off during the Antiques Roadshow piss-take (where a VHS tape was the item in question). And I remember Lettuce Play wrapping up with a Twelve Angry Men parody: they produce Five Gassy Men, which was as juvenile as it sounds… but still funny.

And that typifies Lettuce Play, I think: sure, they conjured a lot of laughs, but most of them came from a pretty immature place (a pants-wetting skit? Really?). And, whilst both the audience and the performers themselves seem to be having a good time, I can’t help but think that this feels awfully close to an old-fashioned University revue… which surprised me somewhat, since my (admittedly drunken) recollection of The Last Lunch was of a more mature and refined production.

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