ff2016, Day 1

Another year, another Festival Season… but this one could be a little different. Or, rather, a lot different.

See, this might be my last Adelaide Festival and Fringe blogging excursion.

The reasons are two-fold: on the one hand, it’s pretty likely that I will be migrating to Sydney this year to spend more time with my Significant Other (and, maybe, to find a job)… and even if I didn’t move away from my beloved Adelaide, a change of job would almost certainly remove the ability to attack the festivals in the manner to which I’ve become accustomed.

The other reason is a little more… well, worrying. Or at least curmudgeonly.

Flicking through the Fringe Guide, I genuinely found it difficult to get fired up about the Fringe this year.

In the past three years, my Shortlists have all contained at least three hundred different events… this year? Ninety-two… and that includes a handful that were only selected because I figured they’d be of interest to my Significant Other, who’ll be joining me for the entire Festival (for which I am pretty excited).

Now, I realise that this is still a ludicrous amount of art to imbibe, but I was actually disappointed by the number of shows that enticed, that engaged, me from the pages of the Guide. And that’s probably just me being Mister Sullen McGrumpypants, but the end result is that this is going to be a pretty quiet year for me.

Still… Day 1 was pretty pleasant.

  1. Lifeline
  2. Old Tech New Decks
  3. A Night At The Venue
  4. Ollie and the Minotaur

That there Ollie and the Minotaur was sold out… and the cast absolutely smashed it.

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