[20000055] Adam Hills – My Own Little World

Adam Hills – My Own Little World

Nova (Cinema 3)

9:40pm, Thu 16 Mar 2000

Score: 7

Short Review: Flugley(!)

This’ll be short and sweet – Adam Hills let loose with a volley of jokes, some toilet humour, a lot of audience participation (getting someone to do a James Brown-style entrance), and even more singing. His songs were, on the whole, pretty amusing – not up to the standard of, say, Tripod – but his multiple renditions of many national anthems were bloody amusing.

Quick review, eh? But what’s the One-Word-Review about, then? Well, as a closer, Hills invited the audience to yank words from nowhere as substitutes to known words – hence, “love” became “flugle”. In all, a pretty good show – you could certainly do worse.

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