[20000056] Adam Hills – Goody Two Shoes

Adam Hills – Goody Two Shoes

Nova (Cinema 3)

10:50pm, Thu 16 Mar 2000

Score: 6

Short Review: AlmostThere

After Adam Hills’ previous show (My Own Little World), I thought I might as well hang around to see his new work. And, whilst not up to the standard shown by the older material, there were still some gems to be found.

For starters, the session of the show I went to was being “signed” for the hearing-impaired. There were many laughs to be had from this alone – Hills deliberately listing of risque cocktail names (and watching the interpreter sign Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” was cool). Again, Hills also had a large amount of musical humour in the show (not sure that would have been good for the hearing-impaired), including his brilliant construction of a boy-band from the audience.

In all, this too was an amusing show, although a little rough around the edges. It’d be nice to see the show after a year on the road, to see how well it polishes up.

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