[20000004] Dark Love

Dark Love

Promethean Theatre

2:00pm, Sat 26 Feb 2000

Score: 6

Short Review: Competent

Dark Love consisted of 2 plays by English playwright Harold Pinter, and were presented in a very “english” manner which suited both plays well. Billed as a “psycho-sexual voyage”, neither of the plays really approached that description, but proved to be entertaining nonetheless.

The Lover

This was the better of the two works, due in no small part to the great script – very clever writing. Martin Welsh is excellent, giving his character a great refinement and dignity. Kerry-Anne James is adequate, but appears less self assured in her delivery.
This piece is at its’ best when the characters allowed extended, pregnant pauses in between their lines. Though this had a very stoccato effect, it heightened the tensions present in the play.

Ashes to Ashes

The playbill cites this as being the “more cerebral” of the two plays, and it wasn’t far wrong. No pauses between delivery here – Kerry-Anne James (looking far more at home here) and director Glen Christie churned through the dialogue at a steady rate. Whilst a “deeper” piece of work, unfortunately there was no real tension generated between the characters.

Overall, this pair of plays provides an interesting introduction to Pinter’s work. Whilst not outstanding, this local production was competent and entertaining.

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