[20000005] Hunting For Moby Dick

Hunting For Moby Dick

The Foreign Legion (Cartoons)

5:00pm, Sat 26 Feb 2000

Score: 9

Short Review: Existential

theater simple return to Adelaide accompanied by Ghostlight Theatre, in a Ghostlight-inspired production. As usual, the set was sparse and the content was dense :)

The main players were stellar, with Amy Augustine as Spouter entering the audience for a nice bit of improv. Bill Peters and Craig Neibaur were exceptional as the writer, Herman Melville, and the fun Stubb; Llysa Holland was a solid Starbuck.

So what did Moby Dick have to tell? As usual with theater simple’s works, the currents ran deep… “Hunting for Moby Dick” was a pretty involved work that, despite perhaps not shining as brightly as theater simple’s 1998 Fringe classics (“The Master and Margarita”, “Escher’s Hands”), still leaves a lasting impression. The influence of Ghostlight’s direction is evident, but theater simple’s innovative use of sparse props remains a delight.

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