ff2010, Day 6

I tell you what, I’m a pretty happy chappy right now :)

Not only have I got a couple of awesome comments on this little ol’ blog, but today I had dinner & drinks with the expanded group of Simpletons, a great (if tongue-tied and confused) chat with Melanie in the Fringe office, a lovely giggle with some Great Hair in a couple of shows, and a slightly awkward but fun yak with Liz. Blimey, I’m enjoying this Fringe lark – and it hasn’t even started yet!

  1. The Needle And The Damage Done
  2. The List Operators

I can’t wait to write about The Needle And The Damage Done. Friday or Saturday, at the earliest. In short – if you love, or hate, or are even occasionally jostled by music, see it. Ace :)

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