ff2012, Day 8

Into the second week of ffestivities I go, and what do I find? More chatty (in a bad way) audiences. Luckily I had a good rant with/at Martin to alleviate the stress somewhat.

There were more non-audiences today, too. Just five of us – including two judges – for the delightful Monkeyshines, and all one of me turned up for Christophe Davidson. But – after observing the delightful pre-show – we agreed to a performance at another date, leaving me enough time to scoot down for XXXO. Have I mentioned that I love the iPhone Fringe App?

  1. Monkeyshines
  2. Everything Must Go
  3. XXXO
  4. The Year of Magical Wanking
  5. Chants Des Catacombes

Listen up: Chants Des Catacombes is in the running for my Best of Fringe. Haunting, jarring, exciting, enveloping… and three amazing voices. And a free gig-ette by The Twoks at the end. Loved it loved it loved it – I reckon it’s the best cabaret-ish show I’ve seen in years. It makes me sad to think that I’ll not have time to write that post up before their season finishes.

Pity I strained a calf on the way out to the Gaol, though. I’m hobbling like my father now, and I’m not looking forward to tomorrow morning…

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