[2012016] Porcelain Punch Travelling Medicine Show

[2012016] Porcelain Punch Travelling Medicine Show [FringeTIX]

Porcelain Punch Travelling Medicine Show @ The Spare Room

7:15pm, Sun 19 Feb 2012

Right. So… ummm.

The Porcelain Punch Travelling Medicine Show is – well, it purports to be – a travelling medicine show. That sells Porcelain Punch tonic. An elixir with amazing properties, we are assured, ranging from recuperative properties to immortality.

But Porcelain Punch must do wicked things one’s teeth: Professor Leonard Grad (Luke O’Connor, as seen in Kapow!), the chief peddler of the medicine, has one tooth blacked out; his accomplice, the wonderfully multitalented Miss Elle May Rose (the gorgeous Madeline Hudson), was missing a tooth altogether. Together, they drum up interest in Porcelain Punch, promising evidence in the form of the amazing acts that follow.

First up is ex-child star Shirley Crumple (Emilie Johnston, who also has a blacked-out tooth), once a cripple but now a contortionist. Her twisting tricks are initially convincing, until they become ludicrous and the seams start to show. But it’s fun nonetheless, and that continues with the introduction of Little Timmy Strongman (another Kapow! star, Christy Flaws) whose slight frame is absolutely perfect for the ridiculous “feats of strength” (s)he engages in.

There’s the revelation that Miss Elle May was once a wolf-girl, and her mournful howls punctuate a gorgeous singing voice as she presents a wonderful solo song. Then comes the one man band (another blacked-out tooth… that Porcelain Punch must be acid), whose presence is announced from outside The Spare Room, and devolves before our eyes into a crazed, multi-instrumental animal. And there’s the odd bit of audience interaction, as Tony’s tummy (and bung knee) get “fixed” by a quick swig of the Punch.

Porcelain Punch Travelling Medicine Show is an odd little hour of entertainment. It never takes itself too seriously, and just seems to be about a bunch of people having fun. That’s evident on their faces – and in their performances – and makes for very enjoyable viewing. And, true to form, they’re not afraid to try and hock you some Porcelain Punch as you leave the show.

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