ff2012, Day 20

After a couple of days of patchiness, it’s great to hit a day of wall-to-wall quality :)

  1. Dining Uns-table
  2. Mark Watson – The Information
  3. Gravity Boots and Friends
  4. The Ballad of the Unbeatable Hearts

Gravity Boots have refined their zaniness from last year; it’s a bloody brilliant show. Also talked to Richard Fry for aaaaages after Unbeatable Hearts… what a top bloke (and a top show!). I also managed to catch the last half of the Rhino Room’s Late Show, too, with spots by Arj Barker, Gordon Southern, Andrew O’Neill (the main reason I went in), and Greg Fleet. Pretty bloody pleased with all that… a great day!

6 thoughts on “ff2012, Day 20”

  1. Hey just a note to say how much we (Michael Cleggett and I) appreciate you coming along to Gravity Boots and the fantastic comments- we were really stoked you enjoyed the show.

    Just wondering if you were going to do a review on the show because we are trying to get some grants to help us get to Edinburgh (we are both just graduated uni students and consequently broke). We need some supporting documentation for the applications ie reviews etc. Both Mick and I read your Fringe reviews and were hoping you may do one on the Boots show which we could show-off and use for our grant applications.

    Cheers and keep up your awesome site. If you ever come to another Gravity Boots Show would love to meet you


  2. Hi James! I loved the show, and of course I’ll be writing about it… but I have this little peccadillo (some call it a “disorder”) that means I’m compelled to write about things chronologically. You guys are #93 on the list… but I’ll endeavour to get there ASAP :}

    “If” I ever come to another Gravity Boots show? Shame on you… ;)

  3. Cheers for that- by the way we have a night off on Saturday night- can you recommend anything outstanding because we will probably only get to see a couple of shows.
    Loving this Fringe as we have way more shows than last year and really excited about Edinburgh.

    So just 92 reviews to wait!


  4. Nonsense – I’m working on #36 now, so only 50-lots to wait! …sorry :}

    Cunningly enough, I’ve just plonked a Top Picks link at the top of the page… but if you want a short opinion on anything else I’ve seen, feel free to ask!

  5. I am more thrilled than you could know to see Gravity Boots on your list- thanks so much. I will print off and base our choices from the list



  6. James – from my point of view, you’ve got a show that is more special than I can articulate. There’s a lot of comedians out there who work in the absurd; but making absurd theatre compelling and strangely coherent? Well, that’s a massive achievement :)

    Best of luck on the rest of your run; I sincerely hope you get the crowds in :)

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