ff2014, Day 25

Wow, what a day. After a relatively sleepless night, I went on a 14km, 13-stop ArtWalk around the northwestern inner suburbs and city; then, because I was feeling a little knackered, decided that an all-comedy evening would be the go.

Normally, I try to avoid all-comedy days like this, but this one turned out to be an absolute pearler. Chris Turner upped the ante, Chris Wainhouse fucking dominated, and Pete Johansson completely smashed it with a set that he forewarned would be patchy. And then came the Rhino Late Show, with Dave Hughes, Jacques Barrett, and Lindsay Webb just blowing the place apart. Brilliant stuff.

  1. An American’s Guide to being like totally British
  2. Chris Turner: Pretty Fly
  3. Chris Wainhouse – The Anti-Chris
  4. Pete Johansson
  5. Rhino Room Late Show (#2)

But now starts the long slog home: I’ve got thirteen shows in the next two days. Red Bull to the rescue!

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