ff2014, Day 26

So – One Hundred Shows for the year.

So – SADEH21. Fucking magnificent, it was, despite a few little flaws.

So – Jacques Barrett. Fucking magnificent, he was, despite a few quieter moments.

  1. SNUG & VENT
  2. Blackout
  3. Em Rusciano in ‘Divorce – The Musical’
  4. SADEH21
  5. Jacques Barrett is The Contrarian: Part Deux
  6. EUROWISION Adelaide 2014

Anyway – it’s currently 3:54am on March the 9th. And you know what that means, right? My birthday.

And so, in a tradition that I started last year, here’s a photo of me and my bestest Birthday Buddy, the gorgeous Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation:

Taeyeon & Pete

Sigh. So beautiful.

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