[2014070] Facty Fact Game Show: Are Comedians Good Lovers?

[2014070] Facty Fact Game Show: Are Comedians Good Lovers?

Dave Warneke, Danny McGinlay, Lauren Bok, Stuart Daulman @ Tuxedo Cat – Room 5

11:00pm, Fri 28 Feb 2014

I was on a boozy Friday night roll, so – after the riotous Wizard Sandwiches – I’d planned to go straight into the new Charles Barrington show… but unfortunately only Steve Sheehan and myself were in the audience. Steve’s attempt to drum up more audients was in vain, so I happily traded my ticket for a great chat with Sheehan and Andy Rodgers, drinking in their experiences on selling their craft.

During the chat I received my nightly updates on the late-night show lineups, and none really appealed… so, based on the enjoyment gleaned from last year’s Facty Fact, I decided to dash across to Hyde House to see Dave Warneke’s latest creation.

Joining the dozen-or-so people in the audience, I was a little disappointed to see that this edition of Facty Fact was obviously a different format to last year’s team battle; instead, three contestants tackled the questions thrown at them by Warneke focussed on the topic Are Comedians Good Lovers?, usually through personal anecdotes.

The contestants were a great bunch, too: the inclusion of the (wonderful) Lauren Bok alone was enough to win me over, and – despite not scoring heavily on the earlier rounds, she absolutely dominated the Google Image search competition (where the panel had to fabricate a non-porny image search term from a list of suggestive words) with “blowing ass”. Stuart Daulman (who I’d only just seen for the first time in the Wizard Sandwiches) surprised and impressed with his eccentricities, hang-dog mugging, and weird vocal presentations.

But the surprise of the night, for me, was Danny McGinlay. Whilst I appreciated the man’s efforts, I can’t really say that I got along with his domineering, alpha-male style in the past; however, in this edition of the show he was an absolute star. In particular, his impromptu serenading of a (male) audience member to the tune of Two Princes was either a product of an incredibly quick wit, or a brilliantly used set-piece; either way, it was a bloody brilliant laugh.

Add in the usual technical difficulties, Warneke’s amiable banter and sly slideshows, and the return of the brilliant Is It Porn? segment, and this episode of Facty Fact turned out to be a bloody good bit of fun. It didn’t really answer the question at hand, but there was a lot of dancing around the point that entertained… and Ms Bok’s victory was well deserved.

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