[2015094] Who’s Your Daddy? the funny side of parenting

[2015094] Who’s Your Daddy? the funny side of parenting

Terry North, Kate Burr, Fabien Clark @ Austral Hotel – Red Room

4:00pm, Sun 1 Mar 2015

Now… I’m not a parent, but I’m seeing someone who is – and I like to be somewhat prepared for any interactions with children that may occur. And what better way to prepare myself than through the medium of standup comedy?

So, after a trip to the airport to see my Significant Other off after an amazingly fun whirlwind visit, I scooted back into the city for this short-but-sweet ensemble lineup. A bit of a shame it was a light audience – maybe just touching double-figures, and certainly containing couples who had fobbed their children off for the afternoon.

Terry North kicks off proceedings, and was the nominal emcee for the show – though that seems like a bit of an overblown title when there’s only two other comedians on the bill. His style of comedy is very gentle, but he provides a couple of laughs before introducing Kate Burr.

Now – I really like Kate Burr, having seen her once at a Fringe gig, and a couple of times around town since – but I really don’t understand why I don’t see her more often. She’s a natural onstage, with a wonderfully affable style, and her rapid-fire kid-running rant at the end of her spot was a touch of genius.

Fabien Clark’s style is almost the complete opposite to Burr’s – he’s very laid-back and chilled, and – having seen him do a lot of spots around town après-Fringe, some of his material was familiar. But his frank evaluation of his three children (the eldest is soft and smart, the middle one is tough and dumb, and the youngest is raised by the other two) is solid, and yields many laughs.

Like I said, this was a short show… but pleasant enough. And it reminded me that I should seek Kate Burr out more often… her uniquely country-girl-ish take on married life in the city is an absolute treat.

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