ff2009, Day 14

A pretty quiet day today, since only two shows were consumed; a third had been scheduled, but I was the only audience member, and the cast numbered sixteen. Uncomfortable. Rescheduled that one.

  1. Boiled Cabbage
  2. It’s A Long Way To The Top End

I’m a bit more pissed that both matinees of A Stretch Of The Imagination were canceled; the only chance I’ll have to see that now is in a coveted 8pm timeslot, and there’s only about 40 other shows vying for my attention there. Bah!

2 thoughts on “ff2009, Day 14”

  1. Craig – thanks for the offer! Unfortunately, I tend to schedule things about a week in advance, so my night’s already booked… but rest assured, after the fun I had at the last Dingo Stole My Latte show, it’s on the shortlist ;)

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