ff2009, Day 28

A quiet night. They usually are, this end of the Fringe, when most of the shows have been seen, the Schedule is a coagulated mess with a ton of shows fighting for the same timeslot, and I’m trying desperately hard to avoid the Clipsal Bogan Hordes.

  1. Mark Trenwith – Express
  2. Sunny Side Up

An early night, I treated myself to a lovely dirty burger at the Blue & White on the way home. While waiting, I happened to glance at today’s ‘Tiser and their Fringe section contained therein – and noticed two little snippets of gigglance. The first was their review of Sarah Quinn’s lovely Other People’s Problems, which stated that “Quinn is the real star.” She’d want to be – it’s a one-woman show. The other cracker was their recommendation to get in and see Orpheus: A Rock Storytelling, which is fair enough – it’s a great show – but (due to lack of attendance) its season closed last Tuesday. Reporting ahoy!

2 thoughts on “ff2009, Day 28”

  1. Hey buddy long time no see. Glad you made it back in one piece from the work trip.

    Hope to drag you to a gig on May 16, but I’ll fill you in on that one later…

    Interested to hear (briefly if necessary ;) ) what you thought of Mark Trenwith’s show.

  2. Cheers mate, good to hear from you :)

    Mark Trenwith – earnest without being stellar. Relies on pre-recorded material a little too much. Very short show. Should have a longer piece written up by Christmas ;)

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