ff2009, Day 29

Jesus tap-dancing christ there was some human detritus littering the streets of my beloved city this evening.

  1. The Adventures of Dead Jim / This Place
  2. A View of Concrete
  3. David O’Doherty – Let’s Comedy

Dunno whether that last show counts, actually. O’Doherty probably only performed half the time; the rest of the material was shouted out by the audience. Made for a hilarious show. Pissed people slurring random syllables and grunts are sooooo much funnier than a renowned comedian.

Also had a bit of an ArtWalk today:

  • BODY – Jungle Mom & Bumpman
  • Of the re-bound
  • ohne Titel (Untitled)
  • Ice, Ice (don’t worry Michelle, you didn’t miss anything)
  • Disillusory
  • Adelaide Fringe Poster Competition Top 20
  • Adelaide Ink 2 (a highlight)
  • Moore is More – Tom Moore
  • Blueprint: UniSA Design Exhibition
  • Art On The Edge
  • Finesse (if only I had the money!)
  • Adelaide City Council Helpmann Academy Fringe 2009 Exhibition
  • Little Things Considered
  • Gypsy Wood
  • Blueprint: Adelaide Alleyways & Side Streets Project

Some good stuff, some bad stuff… unlike last year, however, there was little that I actually wanted to spend my own money on.

Or maybe I was just in a grumpalump mood all day…

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